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That's a wrap!

Thank you everyone for an amazing year!

Details on 2024 will be available in the

coming months


FEB 2 - 5  2023

COG 2023 is set in a fictionalized and fetishized 1920’s world.  In this world, the submissive are turned into living toys and furniture by Doctor Critter and maintained by The Dog Mechanic. The rich do anything they please with their subjects and regularly humiliate their pets for party entertainment.

COG will be held February 2-5, 2023

Palm Springs, CA

It’s that time of year for our Coordinated Objectification Gala, and boy is it gonna be a hoot! Doctor Critter has requested your attendance and you don’t wanna disappoint the high pillow, do ya? The good doctor has been hard at work crankin’ out toys for your pleasure at this year’s Gala, and babe, it’s all berries. So shine those glad rags and quit bein’ a bluenose, there’s a whole joint full of bimbos that need your attention!

What comes with my ticket?
COG Perks

The ticket price for COG 2023 is $330 (+tax). With your ticket, you receive access to the West Coast's premier 4 day retreat experience along side other Pups, Furs, and Gearqueers just like you. Our venue on over 3 acres in Palm Springs, CA boasts 4 dedicated play spaces, a steam room and pool, as well as a bar and restaurant on site. While you're with us, we provide:

  • 6 Catered meals (Dinner and Midnight Snacks) Thursday through Saturday
  • 10+ Event Sponsored Parties and Tasters
  • Daily Refreshments and play supplies
  • Access to our private play areas and awesome equipment

Apply as soon as possible (opening 9/21) to get the most room booking options. COG 2023 is capped at 150 attendees. See FAQ page for more information.

The Gala Cast

The yearly Objectification Gala is Coordinated to bring together the highest of these toy owners and display to the world who is the cat’s meow. Held in secret, the event is a highly sexualized gala with the finest food and attire. Chastised toys are pitted against each other, human furniture is made to support every obscure need of their owners, the wealthy flaunt with reckless abandon.

Registration Dates

August 29th

Contributor Reg Open

September 8th

Returning Member Reg Open

September 21

New Member Reg Open

October 10th

Room Discount Ends

Registration and Refunds closed January 2nd

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