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cultivated obscured gathering.

join us for another year at ccbc in palm springs, ca for a new year of celebration of community and sex-positivity. This year’s theme is obscured, hidden exchanges and you should be prepared for pre-negotiated consent talks

applications open september 12th at noon PST. returning attendees will receive ticket invitations the next week. ready your travel and time-off.

onsite rooms will fill quickly. if you do not intend to fill your room, please purchase an offsite ticket. failure to do so will result in being un-invited next time. we will provide transit credits, showers, and secure storage for offsite attendees.

the event dates are february 1-4, 2024

What comes with my ticket?

COG Perks

With your ticket, you receive access to the West Coast's premier 4 day retreat experience along side other Pups, Furs, and Gearqueers just like you. Our venue on over 3 acres in Palm Springs, CA boasts 4 dedicated play spaces, a steam room and pool, as well as a bar and restaurant on site. While you're with us, we provide:

  • 6 Catered meals (Dinner and Midnight Snacks) Thursday through Saturday

  • Access to our private play areas and awesome equipment

  • Night and day parties in full gear

  • Plus some goodies to keep you cool and playing

Apply as soon as possible (opening 9/12) to get the most room booking options. COG 2023 is capped at 170 attendees. See FAQ page for more information.

Registration and Refunds closed January 2nd

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