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  • Everyone must be over 21 years of age. A government issued photo id is required for verification

  • No day passes

  • Nudity and sex only allowed inside the venue. The bar is a full coverage area

  • Obey all Venue Rules and Staff Instructions. Our hosts will not hesitate to act without COG Weekend’s notice

  • No illegal drugs, no smoking or vaping inside the bar, rooms, or play spaces, and no excessive drunkenness

  • COG Weekend reserves the right to refuse or revoke entry to event spaces at the discretion of staff

  • This is a sex positive environment - While inside the walls of the resort with consent you may engage in or witness sex acts. If this becomes overwhelming for you, we invite you to return to your room, cool down in the bar, or visit the local shops

  • Do not touch or otherwise accost other attendees or guests of the resort - Consent is earned. If you are found to be acting non-consensually or overly aggressive by a member of staff, even if only by report, you will be asked to leave the event and we will work to move your room reservation to a new space

  • Do not interrupt a scene in progress - do not engage the players in the scene, physically or verbally intrude, or watch from within 3 feet of the act. If a scene concerns you, SAY SOMETHING TO STAFF, do not intervene personally 

  • COG Weekend Private Play Spaces have a mandatory Dress Code. You will be asked to leave and return in more complete gear if arriving with too much skin showing or a lack of scene appropriate attire. Street clothes will not be admitted

  • You are expected to clean up after your scene. You must sanitize any equipment you use. Any fluids (biological or otherwise) cleaned. Your gear and toys returned to your room

  • If you feel an attendee(s) are a safety or consent concern, NOTIFY STAFF IMMEDIATELY. Do not attempt to intervene personally. All Staff members (identified by a staff lanyard) are qualified to assess the situation and remediate the issue with access to security and law enforcement if necessary. 

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