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Where is the COG venue?

If you know, you know. :)

The closest airport to the event is Palm Springs International Airport (PSP), about a 10 minute drive or ride-share from the event space.

There are also several other airports in the region including Ontario International Airport (ONT) - about 1 hour and 15 minute drive away, and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) - about 2 hours drive away. Both of these airports are (or were, pre-COVID) connected via bus shuttle to Palm Springs.

Additional information will be provided with your ticket. 

How will I get access to the room block?

After we have approved your ticket, you will receive instructions via email with a secret code. Please do not share your code with anyone. You will use your code when booking with the venue for a 20% discount on your stay. Rate discount available until October 10th.

We strongly recommend you call in to make your reservation. The venue's website is not reliable.

Why do I need to "apply" to COG?

All COG attendees are vetted and approved by staff. We ensure everyone here:

  1. Is not an asshole

  2. Has an amble amount of gear​​

  3. Is an active scene player in the community

  4. Is responsible and acts safely in intense play situations

COG Weekend is not for everyone. This should not be your first event. While we do have Security on staff, we expect all attendees to be safe. We are doing you a favor if we tell you you're not ready. 

What should I bring to COG?

Palm Springs is warm during the day even in February. However, the nights will still get chilly. You’ll want to bring outfits or gear that can keep you cool during the day, and warm at night.

What documents should I bring?

The Resort and COG require a government issued ID for entry. No illegal drugs - legal drugs such as weed are allowed outside, but no smoking or vaping is allowed in the rooms.

You will be asked to sign an agreement to all Venue Rules before entering the resort.

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