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COG Weekend Cancellation Policy

Shiny Dog Productions LLC. Force Majeure Cancelling and Refund Policy
  1. Shiny Dog Productions LLC. hereon “COG Weekend” reserves the right to cancel or reschedule an event due to Act of God, domestic or international security concern, epidemic or pandemic (Defined by local government, CDC and/or WHO), venue and/or sub-supplier Force Majeure, low attendance and/or other circumstances which would make the event non-viable defined by COG Weekend.

[If we have to move COG, we'll try to move your room too]

  1. COG Weekend reserves the right to reschedule an event to any later date deemed viable and safe. In the event of a rescheduling, COG Weekend will act in good faith to schedule new dates with our venue that meets the needs of both COG Weekend and all ticket holders; hereon “You”. COG Weekend will not attempt to collect any additional charges from You for admission. COG Weekend will attempt to work with our venue to move existing room reservations to the new date. No guarantee is given that a room reservation rescheduling will incur no additional cost to You nor that the same room will be assigned to You.

[You've got until New Years to get a refund]

  1. Refund requests before January 2nd (01/02/24 - Midnight PST) will be honored in full less processing fees.

  2. Refunds after January 2nd (01/02/24 - Midnight PST) will not be honored with the exception of a rescheduling.

[Please don't ghost us, we already bought your meals]

  1. Should a rescheduling occur, You will have up to 60 days preceding the new start date of COG Weekend to request a refund. This will be honored in full less processing fees.


  3. Should You decide not to attend COG Weekend for any reason after January 2nd (pending a rescheduling or cancellation), you will not be considered for attendance the following iteration of the event. If You notify COG Weekend between January 2nd and 10 days of the event of your absence, we will wave this clause. 

[Email for anything]

  1. All refund requests and absentee notifications must be sent to to be honored. No other forms of communication will be accepted. (i.e. Telegram, Text or Verbal)

  2. Refunds will be performed via our payment processor

[We'll refund as much as possible if we cancel]

  1. In the event that COG Weekend is canceled, COG Weekend will offer You a refund of the purchased ticket price less processing fees. COG Weekend will attempt to negotiate with our venue to avoid cancellation fees for You, but no guarantee is ensured.

[Travel is on you]

  1. COG Weekend is not responsible for any travel-related charges you may incur. This includes circumstances where rescheduling or cancellation has occurred.

  2. COG Weekend reserves the right to change its Cancellation Policy at any time without notice. COG Weekend also reserves the right to supersede its Cancellation Policy in response to unseen circumstances in a good faith effort to protect both the ticket holders and the continued existence of COG Weekend.

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