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Quiet Hours: 9a - 1p

Reg*: 12p - 1p, 5p - 6p

Orientation: 1p, 6p

DM Training: 1:30p

Play: 2p - 5p, 9p - 1:30a 

*If you plan to arrive after these hours please email

5p - 7p

Cigar Social

Whiskey and Cigars provided

Host: NightCat

7p - 8p

Meet & Greet

A formal social to kick off the Gala at Runway.

9P - 12P

Milking Party

Milk for the Milk God, Cum for the Cum Throne!

Host: Cake

12a - 1a




Quiet Hours: 9a - 1p

DM Training: 11a

Play: 2p - 5p, 9p - 1:30a 

10a - 12p

Life's batter with pancakes

Start the day with pancakes!

Host: Nova

12p - 2p

Pool Party

Blow up the inflatables and get wet

2p - 4p

Gear Swap

Find that pre-loved amazing piece of kit

Host: Ryder

4p - 6p

Enhanced Control

Enhanced Control & Stimulation: catheters, sounding, and your patient. Host: Moose

7p - 8p


Catered by Runway

9p - 12a

Fox Market

Anonymous play sessions with guided rules. 2 Sessions.

Host: Scout Fox

10:30p - 12a

Wrapped Objects

A mummification/objectification party

Host: MXBoarder

12a - 1a




Quiet Hours: 9a - 1p

Play: 2p - 5p, 9p - 2a 

11A - 1P


Good job, sport. Get that scoredown.

Host: Bouncer

2p - 3p

Nimble Devices

Come check out what the industrious little rodent has invented. Host: Twig

3p - 4p

Get Stuffed

Explore the world of plush and trap suiting

Host: Reese

3:30p - 5p

Zap the Jarhead

Wear your finest tac gear and come get zapped and maybe win a prize. Host: Zeek

7p - 9p


Catered by Runway

9p - 12a

Water Works

Where's all that free beer going to go?

12a - 1a



1P - 2P

Group Photo

Get your best digs on!


Quiet Hours: 9a - 1p

10A - 12A

Bloody Feedback

Get a free bloody marry on us and tell us about your weekend

9p - ???

Dead Dog

End the weekend together in exhaustion and lingering horney-ness

12a - 1a



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